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Here are 5 strange things about Najib’s step-family.

In 1960 until 1962, Miss Malaysia was wearing "Miss Malaya" sashes in Miss Universe and Miss International.

Malaya also had sent delegates for Miss Universe 1957 until 1961 but they were not considered as the winner of Miss Malaysia and their identity remained unknown due to they were not competing in Miss Universe until in 1962, Malaya sent their official delegate for Miss Universe, she is Sarah Al Habshee Abdullah, Miss Malaya/Universe 1962.

But with Malaysia Day coming up this Wednesday, we decided to highlight something a little closer to home.

Now, we don’t need to repeat what everyone is saying – we’re a blend of various cultures and that’s what makes Malaysia, Malaysia.

We know it, you know it But there is a growing concern among heritage lovers: are our cultures losing its place, even at home?

“Day by day, we are drifting away from our traditional cultures because of the impression that Malaysian cultures do not suit today’s world.” – Prof Datin Paduka Datuk Dr.

“Kamu tidak patut datang ke London sekiranya tidak mahu gambar diambil oleh wartawan.

Ini negara bebas,” katanya dalam video You Tube dimuat naik penulis blog pro kerajaan, Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

The Najib-Rosmah family doesn’t need much introduction.

Especially not his daughter, Nooryana Najwa Najib, who had the super duper lavish weddings when she married some rich Kazakhstani guy. (Our favourite account of the wedding is the one by Fake Malaysia News. Instead, we’re talking about Najib’s step-family – Rosmah’s family with her first husband.

Hajjah Ramlah, Malaysian Digest So in the lead-up to September 16, we figured it would be pretty cool to highlight some of these unique, cultural dances that we may have forgotten about…

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