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whether there really is god or not is different thing, but positive, pure feelings generated in you are the one's that are really guiding. I suspect most people with low EQ are indifferent to the fact, and are sublimely disinterested in changing.

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If you can never tell how or what your partner is really feeling (especially if you are generally good at reading others’ emotions), it’s likely that your partner is missing this key element of emotional intelligence. If your partner can’t sense your irritation or joy from the next room, it may be an indicator of a deficit in detecting emotions in voice tone. This is a complex skill that suggests high levels of emotional intelligence. the 'invisible' dependable, works, thats the mystery, until one experiences the positive results.

Whether they are love stories, thrillers, or horror films, a good indicator of low EQ is having little emotional resonance with a film. Don’t be fooled: Emotions are not only an important part of communication and relationship development, they are critical for effective thinking, particularly when it comes to dealing with crises or risk. If your partner appears unaware of your dog’s emotional states, it may be a sign of low EQ. The fact that it took you so long to study EI does not mean its hard. Believing that you are loved unconditionally by a deity and other human beings (also known as faith) and meditating on this helps EI. Unfortunately religious folk like you (Gasp: who wud have thought?

Here, 41-year-old Leon Feingold of New York City discusses his super-intelligent life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart in others. If you won that, you were eligible to compete at Coney Island. There’s a lot of intelligence that goes into competitive eating. One week I went out with seven different girls all in a row: That’s seven straight overnights. You can have a range of people in your life who fulfill a host of intellectual and social needs?

I’m president of the Greater New York Mensa chapter, and I’ve served on the board for about nine years.

I blew it off but I always remembered what she said and so I tried it. and is flaming up the courts rising up in the world. There is always the risk of either partner becoming bored, or the less intelligent partner feeling minimized or controlled, but that really depends on how the SOs conduct themselves.

To get into American Mensa, the organization for smart people, you must score in the top 2 percent of the general population on an accepted, standardized intelligence test (they recognize about 200 tests, including the GRE, LSAT, Otis-Gamma Test, or Mensa's in-house admission test). I’ve always been very good at everything I try and I can ace any test you put in front of me. Was being a lawyer or a real-estate broker your goal when you graduated college? I was playing baseball professionally in the minors in Montana and someone I knew from Boy Scouts was going to law school, so he asked me if I wanted to take the LSAT with him for moral support. I thought I’d be a professional baseball player to the day I died.

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“It’s never too late,” says Fidelity’s Keith Bernhardt.

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