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The box of honeycomb chocolate s'mores included: four soft marshmallows, oozing with caramel and honeycomb, sandwiched between two cinnamon biscuits.All beautifully hand-crafted at Helly's Kitchen HQ in Dalston, using fresh, top quality ingredients. The marshmallow was so lovely, not too sweet but yummy enough to want more of.

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Everything you need is inside the box with a nice little set of instructions.

Each honeycomb square was individually wrapped for freshness and the perfect portion size.

For some unknown reason while the rest of the steelworks were cleared away this was left intact and buired in rubble and all but forgotten about untill some Urban exployers found it again. On Gerystock Road was a pub called Pumpers again pulled down also in that area was the Albert and the Norfolk.

Did anyone on this Forum work there or used it and where was it? The medical centre I attended would have been the one you describe as just past the Corner Pin. Going back to Firth Browns Medical Center Im starting to think the reason it was left up might have been a bomb proof building.

She was sentenced to 39 years in prison in 2002 after the assassins beat her parents to death with iron bars.

Brazilian media are reporting Von Richthofen turned down her chance of parole to stay with her lover, Sandra Regina.The pair were both crucial components in separate murders that shook their native Brazil but they have now married in prison.Suzanne Von Richthofen, 30, was just 18 when she arranged for her boyfriend and his brother to kill her parents.Its a shame it could not be restored and made into a small muesum on Firth Browns steelworks as it is a rare find.The photos show an almost intact medical center with beds and cupboards filled with medical equipment all left behide when the steelworks closed. The Lord Nelson pub was on a corner on Norroy Street like the Carwood Hotel both long gone.looks at how these three women – committed patrons of the arts and sciences – “broke the mould” in terms of their contributions to society, through everything from advocating for the latest scientific and medical advances to supporting the work of charities, changing forever the role women played in the British royal family.

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