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Four other Dominican girls, who go to the same school as Guzman in the Upper East Side in Harlem’s El Barrio, said they’d also face extreme disapproval from their parents if they dated teens with African ancestry.Peyano, who is dating an African American boy now, says her parents feel like her boyfriend is a tiguere, which is another word for a “thug.” She says her parents have never approved of her boyfriend, but that could have more to do with her choice in boyfriends since hers falls within the “bad boy” category.

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Still, she says her parents would be less critical if her boyfriend were Hispanic and without African ancestry.

Though the teens disagree with their parents’ sentiments, they said it can still affect their dating preferences and views of African Americans in general.

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:) Dating any person should be special, but Serbian dating is a privilege!A real dating site to meet beautiful females around you.nsa dating with sexy girls under age of 25 seeking get laid today.Most of the time my parents believe in the stereotypes of black boys because around the area I live in there’s a lot of black people and they see their ‘thuggish’ ways,” said Guzman, making air quotation marks to characterize her parents’ views.Guzman’s situation is just one example of the inter-generational tensions that can arise in some Dominican American families because of inter-racial dating, a drama played out in many other previous generations of close-knit communities.NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS) So far, Yarialis Guzman, a Dominican American who identifies as Hispanic, hasn’t had a crush on a black guy.

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