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If there are two truths to life in 2016, it’s that we're in the golden age of online dating, and that there are a million and one ways to make your Tinder date run far, far away from you.

But it turns out that for some people, certain supposed deal breakers actually don’t matter, meaning there's hope for everyone!

Personally speaking, asking my date if they’ve killed anyone recently isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but of those lucky individuals that do ask and end up hearing “Yes, actually, I have,” 3% of men and 2% of women would simply smile and shrug, and 14% of males and 8% of females would be like “OK, cool,” after a convincing explanation. We repeat: 14% of you dudes would be totally cool with dating a murderer.

If a murderous significant other is a little too intense for your liking, you might be part of the greater majority of people who are totally okay with dating a pothead, because only 42% of males and 48% of females said the possession of marijuana was a deal breaker.

However, people were a little less forgiving of those who pop Percocet like tic tacs or powder their noses with cocaine, with 66% of females and 58% of men ruling possession of controlled substances a deal breaker.

Other deal breakers include posting racy pictures on social media, being homophobic or a dirty racist, and having a record of DUIs.Thankfully, neither of these descriptions is fitting, with the exception of the Rebel Wilson part (though she is somewhat scaled back). As Alice, she is an engaging and likable protagonist, handling the comedic moments and emotional ones with equal ease.Though there are a few instances of is a fresh, smart, and often very funny (without resorting to gross-out gags or overly vulgar sex jokes) comedy (leave out the “rom” prefix) featuring a charming ensemble of talented players. Not only that, but there are also a few well-earned bits of heart. (She even does a hilariously perfect impression of Rebel Wilson.) It’s enough to make a person forget all about , well, at least until the sequels come out.You can say I have a fucking obligation to do what I do.Well, I should also mention that I’m going to share some awesome articles with you that I’ve written.Don’t worry, it’s not this kind of showing her the ropes Non-stop party girl Robin (Rebel Wilson) is loud, brash, and down for anything, or anyone, and takes Alice under her wing. Her sister Meg (Leslie Mann) begins to have regrets of her own.

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