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I’m not going to talk about things like writing to to optimize drawing—it’s a topic covered to death elsewhere.Instead, this is meant to be a slightly more practical guide to squeezing performance out of WPF in ways that are probably more likely affecting you.and its subclasses List Box and List View exacerbate performance problems because these controls are highly dynamic (resolution happens “late”), involve WPF collections (which are slow), and have difficult and unpredictable lifetimes for their child controls.

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Finally, there are things (this, this, this, this, this, and this) that simply perform worse than you likely expect.

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 on November 30, 2015.

I first think that this will be an easy demo to build: I just have to use the x: Static extension as a source in a Binding and tada this is over! On the contrary, I had to put an instance object on which my static property is defined in the resource and use it as the source of the Binding.

In the demo project, I have created an object named Repository which defines a static property named “Color”. In general, most ways of assigning a value to the property don’t do change propagation. ) people still want the 4.0 behavior, with no change propagation, if only because it’s cheaper. The bracker are mandatory for it to work and the XAML processor complains something about attached properties which does not exists: just ignore it.

In WPF 4.0 there is no way to create a static property which can be used by a binding with property change notifications.

In this post, part of a serie on the WPF 4.5 new features, we’ll see how it can now be done!On Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, you have to install update 2919355 (also available through Windows Update) before you install Visual Studio 2015 RTM. NET Framework 4.6 installer can't be installed without update 2919355.The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft.I will use it to define a brush on a Rectangle so changes will be easy to watch. If you want something dynamic, you have to ask for it. As the property is named “Color”, I create a static event named “Color Changed”. This solution is nice when you have only one property but can be fastidious when you have a lot of them because there is one event to define/raise for each property. The generic event is what you are used to with normal property. When you raise the event, you have to provide the name of the changed property to the event argument.There’s only two ways to do that: : reacts to changes to the source property E Besides the pay-for-play argument, there are two more reasons why doesn’t do change propagation: 1. Each time the property value is updated, I raise it with an helper method. Here too, as there is no instance, null is provided as a sender in the argument.This article lists the fixed bugs and known issues for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.

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