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I am not a fan of the Command Manager, because it is too magic.

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Wpf canexecute not updating

I hate even smelling projects that have deep architectural debt. XAML developers love MVVM, in fact, MVVM was invented by the original WPF creators.

It’s important to recognize that there are many high-quality, third party libraries out there to help developers build out MVVM solutions (like MVVM Light, n Route). And, developers should not hesitate to adopt them if they like. To that end, MVVM is lightweight, simple, and easy to learn.

In the previous article, we discussed a lot of theory about what commands are and how they work.

In this chapter, we'll look into how you actually use commands, by assigning them to user interface elements and creating command bindings that links it all together.

For example, loading your data, validating your data, manipulating your data, and saving your data – that’s all part of the View Model.

Conversely, running animations, responding to gestures, and adding the bling that makes your app stand apart – that’s part of the View.In October, I published V5 of the MVVM Light Toolkit. It’s good for me too, because it creates less clutter when I want to support multiple Windows frameworks (and boy, do I support them! ) If you are in a hurry, here is the fix: In any class that uses the Relay Command, replace the line saying: The Command Manager in WPF probably sounded like a great idea when the Avalon team came up with it. The ICommand interface specifies two methods and an event: The idea is that any consumer of an implementation of this interface can ask the ICommand if it can be executed in the current conditions, by calling the Can Execute method that returns a bool.Amongst other things, this is the first version where the main assemblies (Gala Soft. All XAML frameworks are officially supported by MVVM Light V5 as well as Xamarin.i OS, Xamarin. If the conditions change, and the Can Execute method should be re-evaluated, the ICommand instance should raise the Can Execute Changed event, which instructs the consumer to call Can Execute again. In practice, the WPF architects thought it would be nice to have an object that manages that automatically, and re-evaluates all the commands’ Can Execute methods every time that something happens on the UI. This is good for you because you can now develop PCLs that reference MVVM Light and use its components. In practice, these are elements deriving from Button Base, i.e. This property can be databound to a property of type ICommand. Notably, it is managing the enabling and disabling of UI elements that are using a Command.Model View View Model or MVVM is, without question, one of the best things to ever come out of XAML development.

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