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I was around both of them together back in the day & they seemed more like sisters than anything.Maybe even twins b/c they would finish each other's sentences.

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can she please lose the ponytails though, it's time to grow up no matter who she's attracted to.

Brat and Mariah were very close but I think they were genuinely like best friends.

He describes a wound as “the button that gets pushed, the trigger, the reaction, the gut feeling that catapults us back into an old feeling or pattern of action” (p.43).

We all have them as we are living the legacy of our family of origin.

Regardless of the result, Hip Hop enjoys a good love story, even if its about the absence of it.

In J-Zone’s just-released book , the producer/emcee reveals that he discovered sex by way of Darlene Ortiz’ scantily-dressed appearances on early Ice-T singles and albums.

MC Lyte revealed that she got married last week – to a man.

[Refrain x3] So, So, So Funkdafied So, So, So Funkdafied So, So, So Funkdafied [Jermaine Dupri] Open up, open up And let the funk flow in From this nigga name J and his new found friend [Da Brat] I'm hitting switches like Eric on the solo creep For yo jeep it's the B.

As Cupid shoots his arrow over this week, Hip Hop DX collected some of the most memorable couples.

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