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Judge: Well, he’s got the same hair, people think it’s him. Judge: I think we were just in a meeting and someone suggested them watching a scene and commenting about it on the couch, and we couldn’t figure it out, and I had already animated them Masterpiece Theater-style, talking about it like that would be good. They played a cut down version of it on Letterman, and I think there was stuff Letterman would have liked that was cut out of it.

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But long before creating shows like Beavis and Butt-head and King of the Hill, Judge was an engineer in Silicon Valley.

He sat down with CNNMoney to talk the absurdities of the exploding tech community. Judge: We're at this kind of absurd time in history where people who are 24 are suddenly worth $10 billion in a year and a half.

We're making fun of the tech industry for being kind of tone deaf and misogynistic, and there's never any women around.

And then at Tech Crunch Disrupt -- which was after we shot the pilot but before [it] aired -- these guys in the hackathon had this thing called "tit stare" that got into the news because it was just so obnoxious. It had been so long since I had been an engineer, I was just curious to see what it's like now.

He had left computer engineering in Silicon Valley (he described his coworkers as ) to make his own animated shorts.

MTV hired him because they wanted to compete against major-network scripted programming on a next-to-nothing budget.

I feel like it's the same personality types, it's just a different landscape.

One of the things I discovered was just how many people are getting rich very quickly, and it happened since we started doing the show.

I love him as Beavis and Boomhauer (I can't stop laughing when I hear the latter talk in particular), but I have to say he does his best work as the man who "sell propane and propane accessories," Hank Hill!

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