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I want others to learn from my mistakes and understand my work ethic of never giving up, no matter what it may look like...if you believe in yourself, keep your faith in God strong and stay close to your family, you can accomplish anything."Open casting for New Orleans natives will begin April 4 from pm to pm in Gretna, Louisiana.

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The two have an exciting date full of matching bathing suits, waterfall jumping, and sharing the same sh-t eating grins.

So at this point, Wells is in a Zack Morris type of situation and is about to juggle two different women in virtually the same place. In a perfect world, he would become attached at the hip with Ashley for the remainder of the season (which isn't much longer), so that she can finally leave both Jared and Caila alone, but that wouldn't be fair to Wells.

The No Limit general has already enlisted several marquee names to help orchestrate his biopic, including Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah and "The timing is right for me to tell my story," says Miller in a press release.

"It was tough back then especially being from the South, New Orleans was the murder capital at the time.

Miller also starred in his own street film, mostly based on his life, I'm Bout It. Miller released his most successful album to date, MP Da Last Don.

The album was also based on a film that Miller produced, which came out earlier that year with the same name.

The album hit number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling over 400,000 copies in a week.

The album was certified 4× platinum, with over four million copies sold, making it Miller's highest selling album.

And, luckily for Jared and Caila, Wells's appearance was just in time for single Ashley to finally go on a date with someone and stop stalking the new couple. As Monday night showed us, he is about to be high in demand in paradise, as the adorable, sweet, and down to earth real type of guy the cast has needed all season, and as more women show up, they'll be seeking him out.

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