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Jonathan Capehart: I got this message from Jen on Facebook asking me, “Are you dating?

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He was the key person for the success of New York Daily News at that time.

Jonathan Capehart was born on 2nd July, 1967 at New Jersery in the United States of America.

Jonathan Capehart is a contributor for MSNBC and writes for The Washington Post's Post Partisan blog.

Jonathan Capehart started his career from New York Daily News in 1993 where he used to work in editing board. There, he worked as a researcher for the popular program “The Today Show”.

And that is when our artwork graced the screen, causing Chris Matthews to inquire about the image.

To which Jonathan graciously gave us an on-air mention.

He spent eight years of his life at New York Daily News. In 2002 he made a comeback to his earlier job as a Deputy editor.

In this way, he has gained a lot of experience and name which helped him to march ahead in his remarkable career.

He is an American by nationality and African American by ethnicity.

He is well-known to be a journalist and a Television personality.

His work as a writer for the Postpartisan blog in the Washington Post is well recognized and he is also contributing for the MSNBC.

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