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Each still can process about a thousand litres of crude a day intogas and diesel.ISIS has taken oil fields from Syrian rebels and the government in recent months.

Iraqi Salem Harush Kadori, 68, guardian of the ancient city of Hatra, south of Mosul near the Syrian border in northwestern Iraq, points at one of the temples where the Hellenistic and Roman architecture blend with eastern decorative features, 21 April 2003.

The Iraq war and subsequent looting spared the ancient city of Hatra, where desert temples await what their guardian Salem hopes will be a bright future.

It was not that I had it really hard, it was just a question of someone representing B in LGBT.” “I’ve dated gay men that have not completely understood,” added Tortorella.

“Any time I would talk about some sort of relationship with a woman it bummed the conversation.

However, with consistently strong performances, she now has the 2 highest share of contestant mentions after Nyle, which is 2.5 times more than what she started with.

Given the current SRS and contestants’ performances, it seems that Lacey has confirmed a seat in the final battle.

Though born in a quiet world, Nyle has the loudest voice on social media by having almost a third of all online mentions of all contestants.

Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS), a measure of overall sentiment based on sentiment distribution and influence of every mention, also clearly states that Nyle currently has the most positively viewed social presence among all the remaining contestants. Lacey Rogers started as an underdog in the show with only 6% of the total share of mentions among all contestants.

As with many shows, each contestant is given his or her own official Twitter hashtag, which Synthesio used, in part, to track the social performance of the show.

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