Who is dwight howard dating 2016

I use the term secret, because most people just know about Dwight’s son Braylon that he has with Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed.

That is the only child that he publicly acknowledges.

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Shaq and his girlfriend Laticia Rolle were all flirty on the red carpet at an ESPN event last night.

Peep their flicks and see Dwight Howard and Royce Reed kiss and make up (as co-parents) inside…

If you recall Dwight has a gag order against Royce where she basically can’t say his name in public or that he is the father of her child.

When Royce has possibly said anything in violation of that order Dwight has sued her.

But, for the last few years the two have been embroiled in bitter lawsuits and ugly disputes. Fans first spotted the pair on Reed’s Instagram page where she posted pics of them with their son, plus she added the caption, “We are #Family”. Congrats to Howard and Reed for working things out.

Then TMZ reported that the families of both Dwight and Royce urged the duo to put their differences aside for the sake of their child, and they did.

It is to protect his image, one that has been carefully crafted.

According to TMZ one of the reasons he is seeking sole custody is because of Royce’s violation of this order.

The two quickly started dating and the relationship took a turn towards serious almost immediately.

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