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The police have already decided not to continue with inquiries into six people, some of them publicly named, because of lack of evidence.

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The 76-year-old singer sued the BBC and South Yorkshire Police following reports naming him as a suspected sex offender.

But the singer's lawyers have told a judge that South Yorkshire Police have agreed to pay substantial damages.

He issued the robust denial after detectives from South Yorkshire police using a search warrant, entered his luxury apartment on a private estate in Sunningdale, Berkshire as part of an investigation into an allegation involving a young boy dating back to the 1980s.

Sir Cliff appeared on stage as a special guest on Friday 28 June.

"Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen.

Here are 30 songs, almost every one a classic, that follow the process from ignition to absorption.

The courts of Facebook and Twitter have often shown themselves to harbor all the regard for evidence of a Salem magistrate prosecuting charges of witchcraft in 17th century Massachusetts.

Operation Yewtree, the police investigation launched in response to the Savile scandal, expanded to look into a range of unrelated allegations of sexual abuse amid public outrage that the British establishment appeared to have turned a blind eye to crimes committed by its own .

Sir Cliff Richard has addressed long-standing rumours about his sexuality, saying he hopes it wouldn’t make a difference whether he is gay or not.

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