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But Sedaris, who has been in a relationship with her imaginary boyfriend, Ricky, for 12 years, graciously agreed to help us parse the etiology of long-term intimacy. Editorial assistant Laine Bergeson recently spoke to Sedaris about Ricky, their relationship, and the love that they share. Ricky came into my life when I was at an antique store and saw this Christmas stocking with the name Ricky.

Though she’s working on several projects at the moment—including a script for the forthcoming THE BELIEVER: Most of your characters are physically unappealing in some way. I’ve never played anyone who didn’t like themselves. I thought, wow, that alone would be reason for me to watch the show. John Waters has some strong opinions on the subject.

Occasionally it’s just a lack of personal hygiene, but more often than not, they’re deformed in some spectacular way. I don’t care if they’re unattractive, but it’s important that they think of themselves as attractive. I always thought that Jerri Blank was appealing because of her confidence in herself. It’s not like you wouldn’t want to be around someone like Jerri. There was that wonderful essay in where he described his definition of physical beauty.

BUST: 32D / 32B BIRTHDAY: March 29th TURN-ONS: Sunshine, sand, the ocean TURN-OFFS: The beach, having to pay for things, racist people, Orientals FAVORITE ACTORS: Burt Reynolds, Warren Beatty, Tony Curtis FAVORITE ACTRESSES: That old lady who looks like Jessica Tandy IDEAL EVENING: Sailing into the sunset with a very special man or sailing into the sunset with a very special bag of drugs.

As a teenager in North Carolina, Amy Sedaris found herself gravitating toward the outcasts at her high school.

Her guest list, as usual, contained a healthy sampling of urban singles and fabulous gay men.

But sometimes, if only out of social obligation, she also had to invite a few married people.“Couples can be soooo huge maintenance,” Sedaris said with a sigh.After work, she egged the cashier's car in protest.Later, as a cocktail waitress at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago, Illinois, she was fired for being five minutes late.There’ve been teenage girls with slashed faces ’s Jerri Blank, seducing her own son and encouraging drug use among teens, to name only a few misdeeds—Sedaris never allows them to become victims of her satire. I don’t know, it sometimes seems like you’re challenging your audience to care about her. AS: I guess it’s because I can so easily get behind people like that, I just assume that everybody else will too.While most comedy writers get their laughs by pointing out a character’s flaws, Sedaris actually embraces them. Sedaris’s Greenwich Village apartment in Manhattan, where she lives with her imaginary boyfriend (Ricky) and her nonimaginary pet rabbit (Dusty). When they showed to test-audiences, a lot of women didn’t like it because they thought Jerri was ugly. It never entered my mind that somebody would be turned off by her. You may be in the minority, at least as far as Hollywood is concerned, but you share some good company.“I would go right to them or they would come right to me,” she says.

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