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She recalled knowing immediately that she would have an abortion And according to Amy, being a parent has only made her even more committed to reproductive rights.She explained that 'legal abortion allows children a fighting chance to be born into families that desire them and can support them'.

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Brenneman is also one of the feminist celebrities and movement leaders celebrating the Feminist Majority Foundation’s 30th Anniversary next week in Los Angeles.

The FMF, which publishes ., is ringing in three decades of proudly using the “F” word—feminism—and being at the forefront of major victories for women’s rights.

On the red carpet for "The Leftovers" Season 3 premiere in Hollywood, Amy Brenneman tells Access Hollywood about the time jump and the move the characters are making when the show returns to HBO.

Amy also discusses why she is going to miss portraying Laurie Garvey, in the series.

En 1995, après une participation remarquée dans "New York Police Blues" et son mariage médiatique avec le producteur Brad Silberling, elle obtient son premier rôle au cinéma dans "Bye Bye, Love", auquel suivront "Casper" et surtout "Heat", film encensé par la critique et dans lequel elle joue aux côtés de Val Kilmer, Al Pacino ou encore Robert De Niro.

Un an plus tard, elle collabore avec Rob Cohen et Silvester Stallone dans "Daylight", avant d’opter pour des distributions plus modestes.The Private Practice star underwent surgery in 2010 to have her...Actress AMY BRENNEMAN has opened up about the secret surgery she underwent in January (10), revealing she had an operation to cure her from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).En 2006, elle campe le rôle de Violet dans deux épisodes de la série "Grey's Anatomy", avant d’enchaîner avec celui du Dr Violet Turner dans "Private Practice".La même année, elle seconde à nouveau Al Pacino dans le film "88 minutes", malheureusement soldé par un échec.Plus, why does Amy think fans will embrace how the show concludes?

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