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The John Hughes comedy follows five teenagers (among those would later be known as “the Brat Pack”) stuck in school on a Saturday, as they slowly reflect on their secrets and personal struggles.

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Thirty years after “The Breakfast Club” premiered in theaters, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy are back in detention. “The Love Cats” was a big song, because John and I were going to do it in the library.

Both actresses attended a SXSW screening of a restored version of their high school classic with 1,300 fans on Monday.

He had done “Sixteen Candles,” but it hadn’t come out yet. Sheedy: Sometimes when you work with a director, they are up high. I loved that he’d sit by the camera on an apple box, just sit there happily watching away.

Ringwald: He would get so involved, he’d forget to say cut.

Beckinsale wears 32B bra size and weighs 115 pounds.

Some people perceive her as too skinny while other like her slender body.In 1988 she starred in the independent film High Art, but her roles since then often have been anything but. Just Google Red Shoe Diaries 4: Auto Erotica, Buried Alive II, or the TV show Psyche. The two had a daughter together, but they divorced in 2008. But Fisher didn’t let that stop him from dating Michelle Pfeiffer for three years or from landing television gigs on shows like Frasier, Law & Order, Friends, and Lost.These days, Sheedy lives in New York City and this fall will appear on Direct TV’s show Full Circle. For us, the most memorable transformation in Short Circuit wasn’t Johnny Five’s journey of existentialism, but rather Fisher Stevens’ portrayal of Ben, the Indian scientist from Bombay. I used to be a total Method actor, so I was really deep in the deep end. Over the years, he has acted and directed dozens of stage productions, including roles in the Torch Song Trilogy and Brighton Beach Memoirs.His role required growing a beard, dying his hair black, and darkening his skin with makeup. In 2009, the Indian government reportedly lifted his travel ban, after more than two decades.Kate Beckinsale is famous English actress with incredible body measurements.Ringwald plays Claire, the popular girl, and Allison (Sheedy) is her polar opposite, the outcast dressed in black. It was a big sweater, but it was a Pepto-Bismol pink, and there wasn’t enough time to have it redone.

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