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It is now back in action as the 'Mars Webcam', providing views of the Red Planet that are not obtainable from Earth.

A webcam has been installed in East Hall to display the progress of construction on Weiser Hall.

Visit our Live Webcam page to link to the live feed and see for yourself what the outside of the building looks like today.

Please note that the images were taken at a period of 'Spring Tides'.

This means there was an extremely large range between the high and low tide states at this time - this is a regular cycle depending on the moon's position in relation to Earth and the Sun.

Both of these exercises are necessary requirements for the progression of the Heritage Lottery Fund application process, which we intend to advance as soon as we can.

The Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) mounted on Mars Express was dormant after its first and only operational use in 2003.

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Of course, how well the camera works will also depend on the elements. "It will be common when there are clouds and/or blowing snow that the camera will rime and the images will show only white," park officials told the Traveler.

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