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Warwick is a Germany-based bass guitar manufacturer company.Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods.) (March 5, 1915 – November 10, 1996) and Harold Bertram Carpenter (November 8, 1908 – October 15, 1988) who had been born in China where his parents were missionaries and educated at boarding schools in England, Richard was introduced to Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald, among many others, and by age 12, he knew he wanted to be in the music industry.

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They wanted Richard to further his music career, and the family was fed up with the cold New England winters.

Carpenter studied music at the California State University at Long Beach.

The range now includes the highly specified Andrew Gouche signature model and the new ZX models.

The USA range are considered to be some of the finest hand built bass guitars available today.

By experimenting with different types and combinations of wood, I seek to get the best possible tone from an instrument.

And, by using different woods for body and neck, I am able to offer a wide variety of speaking voices and tonal capabilities.

Similarly, serial number 09050112 indicates the 112th guitar made during May 2009.

In mid/late 2012, US distributed Japanese-built guitars switched to the year designation that guitars distributed in Japan use.

See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture.

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