Wannabe sexy

This is the usual step most fans took in falling for Park Seo Jun.When one first sees him, not much interest is given since he isn’t the most typically handsome face.

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The second time one sees him, their curiosity triggers by his own style of acting.

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The female stars’ healthy and robust bodies attract many boys, and this sexy charm often overwhelms pure charm these days.

Do you want to know how the hot idol girls’ diets are likely?

One who copies or immitates all or most of the aspects dealing with their idol.

They may wish to have certain clothing, skills, vocabulary, etc., of their idols instead of their own.

Here, the hottest Kpop female stars’ diet secret is ready for you.

Breakfast: one cucumber and low fat milk Lunch: a half bowl of steamed rice and little bit of cabbage Dinner: one cucumber and little bit of cabbage From the little child actress to the most representative attractive mature actress of Korea.

She appears to have been training hard and knocking back the protein shakes over the past few weeks in order to hone her perfect summer bod.

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