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You can watch the video here: personal) video of the security guard—who is employed by a company called Elite Services USA that is not directly affiliated with the Chargers—and it looks like he is masturbating while facing a crowd full of thousands of people.

The man has not been identified yet, but after the video started to go viral, Elite released a statement that seemed to indicate that they agree with the general consensus regarding what's happening in the clip.

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He told them to do their worst and release the footage. Exact statistics are difficult to come by, as many people who are attacked don't go to police or make their situation public.

But then they replied with a screenshot of his Facebook friends, and personal details from his website. Security software companies, who may have an interest in exaggerating the threat, say they have detected vast numbers of attacks.

They referred to the "inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member" in their statement and revealed that they are "investigating" what took place.

You can read their statement here: Elite has become aware of the social media post of inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member at Qualcomm Stadium on December 18th.

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