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album was the greatest album of all time because it only existed in the imagination of the listener.

In addition to the book, Beck also put up the website where fans can download sheet-music and upload their versions. None of this really comes as a surprise from a guy who sounded so much like Serge Gainsbourg on 2002's that he eventually scored the gig of working with Gainsbourg's daughter.

When asked what direction she sees herself going in, quality is really more important than style to Nadler as she plots bringing as many strong songs to the production stage as she can.

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Now, that mischivous offspring of the Fluxus movement, Beck Hansen, has one-upped the Beach Boys by releasing an album that actually doesn't exist at all.

Released in December of 2012, Beck's is the first album to my knowledge to only be released as a book of sheet-music (released by Mc Sweeney's), and the first to not only exist in the imagination's of its listeners, but via the interpretations of its listeners.

Nadler's brief set, before she heads off on a European tour (which includes a much anticipated stop for the singer in Turkey) will break-up readings by Roxane Gay, Amy Fusselman, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Thomas Page Mc Bee, and Paul Le Gault. When I need to get up, I need two things to make the magic happen. Caffeine is my drug (and I bet it's safely yours too), but it's still worthy of Rick James at his most ambitious.

In terms of music (my other fix), it's got to be either punk, rockabilly or electro-pop--that lovely little subgenre born out of '80s new wave and '90s techno whose clean lines and smooth sheen feel so good in the morning before that cynical side kicks in.

A string of bad luck, or bad decisions has him back behind bars.....after his recent release.

The winner of the first season of the Reality show Survivor, also did the morning show at the old Star 93.7.If you are hunting for cool little shows this week like a Frenchman hunts for truffles, here are a couple of selections to make things more interesting.Tonight, singer/guitarist Hayley Thompson-King of excellent blues/garage/harmony trio Banditas continues her residency at Cambridge's Plough & Stars with her solo project Love-Up Time (a sometimes-duo with White Pages' Simon Simard).Also an accomplished fiddle player, the singer/songwriter gained a foothold for herself at Club Passim before moving off to her current home in New York.Although Glaspy's preferred style of singing is in the syllable-chewing, somewhat feral Karen Dalton (via Joanna Newsom) vernacular that has become vogue of late, she does some pretty magical stuff with her guitar--which she uses as the bare accompaniment for her tracks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Margaret Glasby Club Passim Thursday, 1/31 8PM, 18 , - Doctors Fox New Beard The Milky Way in The Brewery Complex in Jamaica Plain Thursday, Jan/31 pm, 21 , Jonathan Donaldson is a Boston-based musician, writer, and second-generation music junkie.Joining her tonight will be Northhampton artist Jeremy Dubs, who is a close associate of Frank Black.

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