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When a network administrator makes any configuration changes to the VLAN setup on one device working as a VTP server, said configuration is then distributed via the VTP protocol through all switches in the domain.This reduces the need for replicating this VLAN configuration manually across switches.Because ethernet port 47 is tagged as vlan B, shouldn't it route once it gets to the 6513 even though the trunk connecting the 3550 to the 6513 is natively tagged non-routed vlan A? non-routed, but I'll assume you mean one is allowed/defined, and the other isn't. So long as it's tagged on f0/47 (which you say it is), and so long as B is a member of the trunk (on both ends), it should go to (and through) the 6513 as you describe..the final caveat that the routing and any associated ACLs are properly defined. The trunk is a dot1q and has a native vlan of Vlan A, the isolated network.

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For kicks, have you tried deleting a vlan from the 3508G to see if the new vlan then gets added, like it is limited for some reason? Compiled Tue 13-Feb-07 by antonino Image text-base: 0x00003000, data-base: 0x00352924ROM: Bootstrap program is C3500XL boot loader C3508G-XL uptime is 3 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 49 minutes System returned to ROM by reload System restarted at UTC Fri Oct 24 2008System image file is "flash:c3500xl-c3h2s-mz.120-5.

Most other switches support 1005, but that is only 256 locally, so maybe the number of vtp updated vlans is limited? WC17.bin"cisco WS-C3508G-XL (Power PC403) processor (revision 0x01) with 8192K/1024K bytes of memory.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with researchers on security vulnerabilities, and welcome the opportunity to review and assist in security vulnerability reports against Cisco products.

This vulnerability is being addressed by Cisco Bug IDs: The VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Layer 2 messaging protocol that maintains VLAN configuration consistency by managing the addition, deletion, and renaming of VLANs on a network-wide basis.

C3750G-12S#sh vtp stat VTP Version : 2Configuration Revision : 20Maximum VLANs supported locally : 1005Number of existing VLANs : 28VTP Operating Mode : Server VTP Domain Name : HQVTPVTP Pruning Mode : Disabled VTP V2 Mode : Disabled VTP Traps Generation : Disabled MD5 digest : 0x8D 0x DB 0x96 0x3D 0x9E 0x E3 0x4C 0x31Configuration last modified by .1 at 10-31-08 Local updater ID is 1.1 on interface Vl51 (lowest numbered VLAN interface found)C3750G-12S#C3508G-XL#sh vtp stat VTP Version : 2Configuration Revision : 0Maximum VLANs supported locally : 254Number of existing VLANs : 11VTP Operating Mode : Client VTP Domain Name : HQVTPVTP Pruning Mode : Disabled VTP V2 Mode : Disabled VTP Traps Generation : Disabled MD5 digest : 0x D8 0x A5 0x36 0x6A 0x05 0x97 0x1D 0x56Configuration last modified by 1.106 at 10-24-08 C3508G-XL#HTH Viconsul Sometimes you need to trigger a VTP update to make them sync up.. I will get the trunk config when I get back to the office. Buck Weet Also need the configs from the trunk links. Add the vtp password and thats it , it should automatically pick up the vtp domain by itself if its going to work .

Sorry guys---I must have been thinking of root bridge priorities... The MD5 checksum doesn't match, so some paramter is incorrect. Below is the show version on the client switch (C3508G-XL)C3508G-XL#sh ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) C3500XL Software (C3500XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5)WC17, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Copyright (c) 1986-2007 by cisco Systems, Inc.

VTP configs are pushed based on the highest current VLAN database revision number.

My suspicion in your initial case is that the revision numbers were equal; thus the client thought it had the correct information.

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