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Critics claim the alleged UFO sightings on the live feed are simply down to NASA's poor camera and this latest sighting is likely to be a distorted view of the Moon.This is a simple video capture plugin based on the Webcam Capture library.

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Some have already branded the clip definitive PROOF of alien lifeforms.

The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere.

It captures and displays images from your computer's default camera until you press the escape key.

Unlike the Quick Time Capture plugin, and most other video capture plugins, it works on Mac OS X (32 or 64 bit), Windows and Linux.

Of course, its possible the You Tube video has been doctored, or the unexplained objects are simply a trick of the light.

But this is not the first time conspiracy theorists claim NASA has inadvertently captured extra terrestrial activity.

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