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Even though many reports indicate that his personal life and finances are spiraling out of control, insiders say that Johnny is working hard to turn all of his wrongs into rights.Johnny has been making headlines for his ugly battle with his former managers, who he says are responsible for putting him in million dollars of debt.

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Now, it looks like Vanessa has gone into Carla Bruni's little black book to find her latest rumored paramour. The is claiming that Karl Lagerfeld actually set up newly single Vanessa with her new beau, French singer Benjamin Biolay (he's kind of a big deal over there, in case you've never heard of him). If you're waiting for an official confirmation or, at the very least, a single photograph of the rumored pair together, you may have the right idea though.

Reports of Carla Bruni's alleged affair with Biolay were the talk of Paris in 2010, but the claims weren't exactly rock solid.

According to new reports, Amber and Johnny have split up and gone their separate ways, and Johnny is dating his ex Vanessa Paradis again.

The October 13th edition of Star Magazine reveals that Johnny and Vanessa had a romantic dinner together at So Ho House in West Hollywood.

In a desperate attempt to try and keep his bride-to-be interested, Johnny began trying to appear young and cool, and decided to pursue a career in music again.

He even has gone as far as to try and start a band and set up a concert tour for next year. Well, apparently ever becoming a rock star wasn’t enough to keep Amber Heard interested in Depp.

Biolay even took news channel France 24 to court for broadcasting the rumors.

But if you're like us and enjoy a little romance rumor now and then, here's another tidbit from the ?

Vanessa Paradis announced in June she had split from Johnny Depp after 14 years together, she has now reportedly embarked on a romance with millionaire French businessman Guy-David Gharbi after first meeting on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris in May.

Guy-David Gharbi is the founder of, which is like a French Ikea.

Amber Heard filed for divorce back in 2016, alleging that he was both physically and emotionally abusive towards her during their 15-month marriage.

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