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Hi, I am using Oxygen 13.2 and am going though some DITA tutorials that use DTDs.

I believe this question is general XML, not DITA specific, but will re-post in the DITA forum if you believe it is specific to DITA.

Apart from the built-in DTD support in parsers, lxml currently supports three schema languages: DTD, Relax NG and XML Schema.

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It would be very very odd if you would load a DTD in variable 'p', not use that variable in any way and python will magically know that that is the DTD you want to validate with. /usr/bin/env python from xml.parsers.xmlproc import xmlproc from xml.parsers.xmlproc import xmlval from xml.parsers.xmlproc import xmldtd def validate_xml(xml_filename, dtd_filename): """Validate a given XML file with a given external DTD.

If the XML file is not valid, an error message will be printed to sys.stderr, and the program will be terminated with a non-zero exit code. """ dtd = xmldtd.load_dtd(dtd_filename) parser = xmlproc. Validating App(dtd, parser)) = dtd = dtd # If you want to override error handling, subclass # xml.parsers.xmlproc.xmlapp.

The above recipe provides pretty much all the information you need to know for doing this.

Users will want to "round out" the implementation of My App (or any other subclass of xmlproc.

Documentation on xml parsing in general, and xmlproc in particular, is easy enough to come by.

However, I had to dig around a bit to find out how perform validated parsing (against an external DTD) using xmlval and xmldtd.

I have setup a DTD that is accessed through an XML catalog.

Oxygen is resolving though the catalog and validating my document.

Stylus Studio® 5.1 fully supports XML document validation based on DTD (in addition to full support for W3C XML Schema) to ensure compatibility with legacy XML systems. To associate any open XML file with an externally defined DTD, click XML Associate XML with Schema from the Stylus Studio® menu. Validating an XML document against its associated DTD is easy — simply click the Validate Document button (the tree diagram with the green checkmark) in Stylus Studio®'s XML Editor, then select the DTD validating parser you want to use.

Stylus Studio® supports a Universal DTD Parsing and Validation Architecture — you can perform a DTD-based XML document validation using Stylus Studio®'s internal DTD validating parser, or you can use any third-party validating DTD parsers (DTD validators) such as MSXML 4.0 SAX, MSXML 4.0 DOM, Microsoft . The ability to directly integrate any DTD processor and DTD validator with Stylus Studio®'s intuitive visual XML editors enables you to easily troubleshoot XML documents, making Stylus Studio® the XML editor of choice for both DTD- and XML Schema-based XML document authoring.

I get "There is no Schema or DTD associated with this document" errors.

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