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Other research interests include computer security, intrusion detection system and wireless networking.Jill Slay is the leader of Systems for Safeguarding Australia Research Centre and the Forensic Computing Lab, Defence and Systems Institute at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.The SEI helps advance software engineering principles and practices and serves as a national resource in software engineering, computer security, and process improvement.

The project estimating data is heavily relied upon by other stakeholders and can be a key factor in winning project work.

Job Overview As a Senior Cost Estimator (Estimating Systems) you will: At the heart of the national electricity market, our high voltage transmission network connects customers across NSW and ACT to safe and reliable electricity.

His research interests include Forensic Computing validation and verification.

The Opportunity This is an exciting opportunity for a self-motivated individual to join the Project Development/Cost Estimating team.

It is important to verify your methods and your results in a step called validation, which is simply a systematic confirmation of the integrity of an estimate.

By validating the estimate, you can be more confident that your data is sound, your methods are effective, your results are accurate, and your focus is properly directed.

Ideally, the validation should be performed by someone who was not involved in generating the estimate itself, who can view it objectively.

The analyst validating an estimate should employ different methods, tools and separately collected data than were used in the estimate under review.

In this work, we present a scientific and systemical description of the computer forensic discipline through mapping fundamental functions required in the computer forensic investigation process. After receiving his Ph D in network security in 2008, he commenced the role of research fellow in the Defence and Systems Institute (DASI).

Based on the function mapping, we propose a more detailed functionality orientated validation and verification framework of computer forensic tools. We specify the requirements and develop a corresponding reference set to test any tools that possess the searching function. His main research focuses on the network security and forensic computing.

It may be tempting to skip this review due to a lack of time, personnel or budget, and there is the unappealing possibility that a close examination may reveal faults in the logic of your process.

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