alexsandra ukraine dating - Validating radio buttons in perl

A radio button item is a button which usually denotes one of several mutually exclusive options.

It has a text label next to a (usually) round button.

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The solution here is to give all of the radio buttons within the group the same name but different values.

Here is the code used for the radio button themselves.

Fine, then test this with the following script: line that tells the path name of the Perl interpreter on the server) store the file where you need to put your CGI scripts, and try accessing it via a link or by directly typing the URL to a browser.

It should work basically the same way as the following link: You will probably need some help to make the script work.

This is the code within my javascript validation function that is called when the submit button is clicked(taxable is the name of my 2 radio buttons and location is the checkbox name):if (the Form.taxable.selected)if (the Form.location.checked)Else My text fields are all validating properly, so I know the function is set up correctly.

I am just not sure how (if) I can validate the radio buttons and check boxes.

So here's how (I think) it works in simplest cases.

I hope this might make some other people's learning curve a little better.

In the last chapter you learned how to decode form data, and mail it to yourself.

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