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Under the program all providers are required to be accredited by the Department as being able to deliver — and continue to deliver — services in a manner that meet various conditions.One condition (defined in item 32 in the jobactive deed) relates to the protection of data entrusted to the provider by the Department in order to deliver these services; effectively extending many of the Australian Government security requirements that apply to the Department through to these providers.Four requirements engineering-related levers for achieving security are addressed: security requirements elicitation, security analysis, security design, and security validation.

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Hivint has been involved with the jobactive program since early 2015, initially undertaking the required IRAP assessment for one of the approved third party IT providers, and since then working with many different jobactive providers to help guide them through the process towards achieving security accreditation.

This post provides an overview of the compliance requirements of the program, as well as suggested steps and considerations for any entity currently planning or pursuing compliance.

Security is a quality attribute which interacts heavily with other such attributes, including availability, safety, and robustness.

It is the sum of all of the attributes of an information system or product which contributes towards ensuring that processing, storing, and communicating of information sufficiently protects confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

This book chapter provides experience and guidance concerning how information security can be successfully achieved with a security requirements engineering perspective.

Our experiences from embedded security in critical IT systems show that security is only successful with a systematic understanding and handling of security requirements and their interaction with functional requirements.

The Australian Government’s jobactive program, directed by the Department of Employment (‘the Department’) is an Australian-wide initiative aimed at getting more Australians working.

Through the program, jobseekers are both aided in getting prepared for work (or back to work) and being connected with employers through a network of Employment Services Providers (‘providers’).

Security must be integrated early in the design phase to understand the threats and risks to expected functionality.

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