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Paul Samber, 32, and his girlfriend, Catherine Scott, bought blow from the dealers dozens of times from December to March 2015, prosecutors claim. “Maybe familiarity breeds blindness,” the judge said. ” Samber, a tech-support employee, looked as though he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Fine art experts attribute the icon to between the late 14th to the early 15th centuries. There are indications that the trees were cut down during the summer of AD 1410.

Taking into account the time for seasoning (about 8 months), the icon would have been painted in AD 1411. Two of six AMS dates correspond to dendrochronological dates, while four of the six AMS dates showed differences with the dendrochronological dates by 5–39 yr.

Mc Graw Hill senior manager Vadim Shalit, 32, was arrested Tuesday at his office at 55 Water St., where he often received his deliveries, prosecutors said.

He allegedly blew about $5,000 in four months on coke.

as of June 2009, has put the DJ Vadim’s latest album Imaginashun into the Commons as well.

Russian investigators are probing the death of a politician who was found dead at a fitness centre in St Petersburg.But sadly, the flowers will now be for a funeral."He's the best husband for me as a wife. But what happened on this trip was something nobody could've seen coming.Vadim had a bad toothache even before he left, so he stopped in Oklahoma to see a dentist. On the rest of the trip, Vadim felt better, until he got to New York and his mouth began to swell up.After church he joined us for lunch and I invited him over for tea.We spent a few hours together and I was in awe the whole time.After coming back home to Washington, he finally texted me a couple weeks later.

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