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This file describes various issues and additional steps users may encounter and need to perform when updating a port, including such things as file format changes, changes in locations of configuration files, or other such incompatibilities with previous versions.The author is the creator of nix Craft and a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting.

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t is recommended that to keep Free BSD systems up to date with the latest application security patches installed via ports collection.

The yum command line tool is used to install and update software packages under Cent OS / RHEL / Fedora Linux.

They do just that — convert UPDATING files into web feeds which can be added into a news aggregator / rss reader of your choice.

These feeds are maintained by Alexander Kojevnikov, you can contact him by email.

This set of files is used for building and installing applications on Free BSD, and other BSD-based operating systems.

This post will describe how to use portmaster, a utility for updating installed ports.I personally find it much easier to use a news reader than manually checking the file each time I want to update my ports.Like most Perl scripts, the one generating the feed is short, uses a lot of CPAN modules, and is a bit ugly :) You can check it on Git Hub. Today, I was installing Apache 2.4, My SQL 5.5, and PHP 5.5 (php55-5.5.11) on newly installed system.I've done this kind of installation many times on Linux so I didn't expect much of problems. Apache and My SQL installation were straight forward and had no problem.Follow the instructions contained in ) before “deinstalling” the existing port, allowing those libraries to potentially be restored if there are any incompatibility issues between the new port and the installed libraries.

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