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With the network becoming more important than ever, the three top reasons for network upgrades are performance, reliability and security.The best way to get more performance from your customer's network is by improving LAN performance.Lightning can strike in the same place twice — more often than that, actually.

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Updating your network infrastructure

So, the solution we came up with was to remove the old secondary core and replace that with a new one.

All the Cisco-proprietary protocols like HSRP, EIGRP, etc. Once we ensures that both Cores are running VRRP correctly, we connected all the new switches (access and To Rs) to the new core switch.

In many cases, it's not just a single warning sign, but multiple reasons driving the overhaul.

When lightning struck at Elk County, the building's grounding system protected the data center most of the time.

For two decades, administrators and 911 dispatchers worked out of a ­converted ranch-style house atop a mountain with an adjacent radio tower.

Lightning would strike the area a dozen times a year, occasionally damaging the IT infrastructure.

And not to mention, like most other networking projects, this one too had to be done without any real downtime.

The year-end slack period gave us a tiny bit of leeway to have some downtime, but we couldn’t take down a whole bunch of servers for a few hours.

One fine day, in the 1 week of December 2014, the CFO tells my manager that we have the budget now. Long story short, we finalized Dell as the new vendor and worked with a re-seller for acquisition of the gear, along with cabling and other physical tasks.

Around 15 of December, when all of the gear was received, we officially started the battle against time.

For a couple years, we have been trying to replace our ageing and end-of-life Cisco 6500 series switches.

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