Watch free cam - Updating wordpress database

They were too strict, once I gave the user ALL privileges, I was able to get passed the loop.

Updating wordpress database

Building on the popular plug-in model, the Full Text Search plugin for Project Nami enables one to easily improve text searches and enable author searches for your Word Press site.

If your app needs even more performance for your Project Nami Word Press sites, consider the Blob Cache plugin.

For site admins and serious bloggers, this is an excellent way to speed up maintenance and get things done.

Of course, there’s probably a plugin that will do all of this for you ;) Jeff Starr is a professional web developer and book author with over 15 years of experience.

You should see this database version: /** * The Word Press version string * * @global string $wp_version */ $wp_version = '3.1.3'; /** * Holds the Word Press DB revision, increments when changes are made to the Word Press DB schema.

* * @global int $wp_db_version */ $wp_db_version = 17516; For me it was permissions of the DB user and the DB.

Word Press is hands down the most popular web application on the Internet.

As a blogging and content management system, Word Press is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10-million websites on the Web and has more than 60-million websites in total.

To give us some context while we go, we’ll assume a hypothetical case: let’s say we want to find and remove all instances of the mystical nofollow attribute, in all of its various incarnations: example, let’s say we have 100 posts that contain some instance of the target string. Easy: each command is saying, “replace all matches in the any matching text..

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