Updating ubuntu 11 04 to 11 10

It was initially designed to make more efficient use of space given the limited screen size of netbooks, including, for example, a vertical application switcher called the launcher, and a space-saving horizontal multipurpose top menu bar.

In addition to Unity, there are Application Indicators and other projects such as Me Menu, the notification system and the application Notify OSD gathered.

Tried a few lightweight distros to run on an old pentium 3 /Toshiba Portege 2010 laptop , so linux lite seems to be the best.

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I’ve been using it off and on ever since I learned about it, but not enough to reach true proficiency.

Traditionally, I’ve been a Red Hat person, but things got strange when Red Hat splintered out into RHEL, Cent OS, and Fedora, and I started looking at my options.

I have had this issue many times and have had to be very careful with this.

I always keep a copy of the original file (Lo siento, pero el Ask Ubuntu es una pagina donde solo se escribe en Ingles.

xserver have 2 errors: xf86Enable Ports: failed to set IOPL for I/O (Operation not permitted) (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found) But it continue through input operations untill it suddenly get terminated.

file after such an installation/update will have a different size than before the operation.Linux on Hyper-V is becoming more and more popular as Microsoft continues to increase their support for it.One of the nicest parts about it is the “It Just Works” aspect.Easy to install, very stable, and very easy to customise!Very intuitive to use and has some nice ready to go extras in the Lite Software package. Just prefer the feel of Lite even though it is based on those excellent OS.It's easy to install and use, Xfce is infinitely configurable so an excellent choice of desktops for a "light" distro.

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