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It also appears before any list of tables or figures, the foreword and the preface.

In printed table of contents, the page numbers will indicate where each part starts.

For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

Here’s a screenshot showing the options: To access the settings screen: Deselect everything (Edit Deselect All) and double click on the script in the scripts palette.

For the case where page numbers appears after heading texts, some characters referred to as leaders might precede them.

They are usually dots or periods that run from the section or chapter to the page numbers on the opposite side of the page.

In digital table of contents, one will be offered hyperlinks to the specific sections.

The location and the format will be determined by the publisher.

When you work with multiple page documents, moving pages around is inevitable.

You can simply drag pages in the Pages panel to rearrange them within a document or use the Move Page command on the panel Options menu to move them between documents.

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Once purchased, Desktop fonts can be installed with Sky Fonts.

To run: Select the text in your table of contents, and double click the script in the scripts palette.

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