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The script is designed to automatically detect the required aspects of your Squid and squid Guard/ufdb Guard configuration, paths, file locations etc.

When you run the script it will output what it thinks is correct, with the ability to stop the script if anything is wrong.

While I try and test this script on multiple Linux distributions, there may be issues with detection in some cases.

updating squidguard-58

Sorry, but that takes too much of our time we'd rather use for the blacklists.

If you have an HP server machine (I administer an HP Proliant ML350 Gen9 Server) this is definitely the right module for you.

as we know Squid Guard is a URL redirector used to use blacklists with the Squid. Light Squid is one of reporting package available for pfsense. Open pf Sense webmanager ( type your ipaddress in the addressbar ) Got o System Proxy Filter Select check box “Enable” In General settings tab.

this will enable Squid Guard Next option is to enable blacklist for squid Guard. It will be applied automatically Select Check box to enable blacklists There are many Advanced blacklist data bases like MESD, Shalla’s are available for download.

The conversion will need a bit of processing power as they can be quite large.

You should also consider putting in a redirect directive in your dest/category adblock config, to serve a transparent image that will replace the original advert space/content when a expression rule matches. This needs to be hosted on a web server and referenced like so in a The image file could also be hosted on an internal server, as long as the server is accessible when using the proxy.Anyway, commercial usage requires signing a usage contract. Please contact for information about gaining this contract. We are of the opinion that if free blacklists are used commercially the community who contributed to the lists for free should get something back: corrections and addons. ;-) Two notes: 1.) The shallalist server experienced some outages between March 14th and March 18th. Please make sure that you are able to receive our answer.Exception: If you plan to sell the lists or include them into a commercial software package you must obtain a written contract with Shalla Secure Services. We will no longer run after each request in order to find an email address that works.But in many cases we will configure separate ACL depends up on defferent departments and designation.If so only permit Some intranet_sites or some limitted_sites. Eg: Managers/Devolepers Set “Source IP adresses and domains” probably Ip list or subnet Now select Destination rules ( Allow / Deny ) Select “Enable log” and “SAVE” After all changes, Go to first tab (General settings) and click the apply button to apply saved changes to Squid Guard.Here i am explaining how to integrate Squid Guard and Lightsquid in a pfsense Squid Server.

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