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The Sony BDP-S1 does not come with a built-in ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, therefore it has no online capabilities.

However, firmware upgrades may be applied by downloading the upgrade and burning them onto a recordable or rewritable DVD and loading it on the player.

Wednesday, Sony announced the BDP-S470, a midrange Blu-ray player that's slated to get a firmware update in the summer to make it 3D capable.

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The press release also states that Pandora will be added to the Sony Bravia Internet video platform in the spring; we're still trying to confirm if that update will be available to existing products like the BDP-N460.

We were also able to confirm with Sony that the new players capable of getting the 3D upgrade will, at the very least, "support the HDMI 1.4 spec for full HD 3D." Sony hasn't been able to confirm whether the new players will support the full HDMI 1.4 spec, which includes more esoteric features like an inline Ethernet channel.

If you're performing the update over a wireless connection, it also depends on the speed of that connection.

Select "By Internet." A message will appear saying the Blu-ray player is connecting to a server.

Remove a disc from the Samsung Blu-ray player if one is in it and then connect the USB flash drive to the USB port on the back of the Blu-ray player.

, the BDP-S770, but that won't be the only 3D-capable standalone Blu-ray player from Sony this year.

Samsung makes it possible for you to update the firmware associated with its Blu-ray players over a connected wireless network, using a USB flash drive with the update files copied to it or using a disc with the update files burned to it.

The amount of time it takes the update to install depends on the size of the update.

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View videos, photos and more on the big screen Simply plug into the USB port and let USB Play take care of the rest.

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