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We know that contacting technical support can be a painful process with some companies but rest assured you will not have that experience with us.

When you call, you will speak directly with our technical support technicians who are highly knowledgeable and here to serve your needs.

To check if your card has the Thermal pad kit and BIOS factory installed, please visit com/thermalmod.

Any customer who is not comfortable performing the recommended VBIOS update, may request a warranty cross-shipment* to exchange the product to EVGA for an updated replacement.

You will be able to manage your firewalls by: * Requires purchase of Premium Support on all covered devices.

** This support option is available only for Hardware located within a specified range of a Palo Alto Networks service location.

Cipher Lab scanners and mobile computers offer a range of advanced features designed into each device.

11/01/2016 Recently, it was reported from several sources, that the EVGA Ge Force GTX 1080 FTW PWM and memory temperature is running warmer than expected during Furmark (an extreme stress utility).

The 80 are only available in North America at this time. How do I justify the investment of an updated system? Updating a system can be a costly investment, so it needs to return your investment in an acceptable amount of time.

But, what should you consider when trying to model your return on investment (ROI)?

Updating a system should offer financial incentives from either new functionality or reduced overhead expense.

Back to Top More efficient processes from added features More efficient processes can reduce the cost of your operations and/or accelerate your time to sale and time to money.

This VBIOS will be released in the next few days and users can download it and update their cards directly.

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