Sex cam portal - Updating is not supported by datasource detailsview

Add one cs file and set that name Global Class.csand write below code.using System. When error come, press the "Prt Scr" from your keyboard and paste the image on MS Paint.

Here you note down error or modify image and send me.

updating is not supported by datasource detailsview-81updating is not supported by datasource detailsview-70updating is not supported by datasource detailsview-57

These features are provided out-of-the-box and are not configurable by programmers.

Or, at least, not declaratively and, maybe, not easily.

If image format is correct then put break point at "Insert New Record" method and debug you application and tell me what error generated now.

If File Upload validation create problem then comment the "Regular Expression Validation" (File Upload id is revfu New Photo and revfu Photo) and try again.

When the Details View control is bound to a data source control, the Details View control can take advantage of the data source control's capabilities and provide automatic updating, deleting, inserting, and paging functionality. Input controls that are appropriate for the field's data type (such as a Text Box or a Check Box control) are displayed with a field's value for the user to modify.

The Details View control provides built-in capabilities that allow the user to update, delete, insert, and page through items in the control. In edit mode, the Edit button is replaced with an Update and a Cancel button.

For more information, see Validation Server Controls. The Details View control can automatically add a Command Field row field with an Edit, Delete, or New button by setting the Details View. Unlike the Delete button (which deletes the selected record immediately), when the Edit or New button is clicked, the Details View control goes into edit or insert mode, respectively.

Validation server controls are also provided to assess user input. Auto Generate Insert Button properties to true, respectively.

hello sir, I hv copied your code above , I am getting error at update operation, - 'Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Select Command that does not return any key column information.'please help thanks in advancenilesh You are missing primary key in table.

Recreate your table and set "id" column as Primary Key with Identity Column.

" The Details View control is not limited to exposing its data to users in an appropriate and friendly way.

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