Updating from vista to windows 7

I, too, dragged my feet for a year and did a lot of research about it before I took the plunge. Most of the loudest, vociferous complaints about Win10 come from those who have never tried it or used it. Cheers, MM You should check if the computer is upgradable to Windows 7 using the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. id=20 If your wife only uses the computer to browse the internet, read email, and do the occasional spreadsheet or document then I agree with Condobloke, look at linux. If you have any further question you can post them in the Linux Forum. Well, what ever we do we will be doing it this week. Wife wants to know if we can go to Windows 8, but not even sure if there is Full W 8 Home Premium. Hi: Sorry to sound like the skunk at the garden party again. There was a reason Windows 8/8.1 was dropped so quickly by MS (and was called Win H8 by users).It was not nearly as bad as the paranoiacs said it would be. I put W 10 on my PC for about 3 months and chose not to keep it. I did do a check with Google and I think I saw where it can be purchased for about 0.00. I purchase this Widows 8 disk from Microsoft, install it and we are good to go? I was planning on putting all her files on a flash drive just in case. And I write only from the perspective of another home user, not an expert. If this were my computer, and I were going to go to all the trouble to upgrade the OS on existing hardware (assuming it's all compatible), I would choose a stable OS supported for at least the next 3 years (Win7) or a pretty stable OS that will continue to improve and that will be supported long after that (Win10). Cheers, MM If you are planning on doing a major OS change like this it is essential that you back up all your data before even thinking about starting it as most major updates, there are exceptions, will start by formatting the hard drive ! In any case you should back up your data on a fairly regular basis to external storage.Once you get green signal from Windows 7 upgrade advisor, follow the steps given below.1.

updating from vista to windows 7-90

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this will do what we need? MS does not/has not authorized the selling of keys without media in over 11 years. If the price sounds too good to be true, it's a sure bet that it will be...

Such selling was a contributor to the establishment of Product Activation. Already suggested 10, she would rather not deal with 10. Trying to get the best price I can for W7 Installation. Unfortunately, it's a set-up for being scammed by unscrupulous sellers.

PCMover by Laplink is the easiest way to setup a new PC — you just install the PCMover app on each of the computers and follow through the easy wizard.

It’ll let you select what you want to move while leaving behind the junk that you don’t want to keep.

You can also use an USB stick to install/upgrade to Windows 7.

Refer install windows 7 from USB guide to install/upgrade Windows 7 from USB guide.2.

Once you run the setup, you will see two options:* Check compatibility online* Install Now Since you have already verified the system compatibility using Windows 7 upgrade advisor, you can safely click Install Now button.3.

In the next screen, you will see two options:* Go online to get the latest update for installation* Do not get the latest updates for installation If you have the latest version of Windows 7, then you need not to check for updates.

To do this, go back to the Start menu and enter the Charms bar.

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