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For example, you could create a Deny Full Control entry for the Remote Desktop Users group. I have disabled the Allow non-administrators to receive update notifications' in gpedit, ran gpupdate /force, didn't help.

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If you've ever watching Windows install updates when you shut down your computer, you know it's a very automated process.

Windows Update installs the updates while you walk away from your laptop, then configures the new files when you start up your computer again.

Hard drives (or hard disk drives) are large capacity storage devices which store all of your data - everything from Mac OS X to your latest i Tunes music album.

Adding a larger capacity internal hard drive will allow you to store more data without having to plug in external devices.

Yes, if you're willing to work for the next 4 hours until lunch before rebooting, this means you'll need to answer this question 24 times. Now, to get rid of it: Start / Run / / Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update / Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations.

One of the most annoying dialogs of the Windows operating systems is the restart dialog that the operating system displays as a notification whenever it has installed updates on the system that require a restart.

This is the original message was displayed on Windows XP systems: This message pop ups at the end and immediately gets the focus, even if you are in a game or watching a full screen movie. The first would result in an immediate reboot while the second would nag you again in 10 minutes.

This will be annoying if you can't reboot your computer at that time.

Do not turn off your computer." After approximately 5 minutes, the configuring fails and the laptop finally starts up.

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