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One of the first rooms we tackled was our dining room.When we designed the floor plan for our dining room, we added a wide nook with the intention of adding a custom built-in cabinet.

On a side note, I did eventually get a white kitchen but that’s a story for when I do a post on how I painted my oak kitchen cabinets.

A few months after moving in, I did a little mini kitchen makeover and painted the walls a different color and painted the little built-in cabinet white. Since the rest of the cabinets in our huge kitchen were oak, this little built-in cabinet allowed me to experience the freshness of white cabinets. Although, I now have my entire kitchen painted white and I love it, I have a special place in my heart for this little hole in my kitchen wall. In the world of social media and blogs like mine that constantly display white kitchens, you may be tempted to get impatience and frustrated with whatever or whomever is keeping you from what you want. Trends come and go but the people you love are more important.

As things go, however, time went by, and as we took on remodeling the majority of the rooms in our house, our cabinet idea fell lower on our to-do list.

You can see below that we found a way to make the nook useful, but neither of us felt it was a long-term solution, and we have always intended to go back and create something fabulous.

But, rather than ignore them or hide them, you can make these empty living spaces work in your favour.

After all in contemporary homes, every inch of space is an opportunity to be clever with your interior decorating, whether it’s designing smart alcove storage, creating a cool decorative feature or a functional family area.

Remove drawer hardware and stand the drawers on their backs.

Paint the fronts and leading edges, but don't paint any other part of the drawer or the tracks inside the cabinet.

Whether it's a living room corner, a kitchen recess or even a tricky nook in a bathroom, there are clever designs for alcoves that will make a huge difference to the way you use your available living space Alcoves are most frequently associated with period properties, where they are created by an original fireplace and chimney breast jutting out in the centre of a room.

Typically, these double recesses are reclaimed to become storage space in living rooms and bedrooms, with built-in shelving being a popular way to utilise the available space.

Custom built-in cabinets can be a big enhancement to a dining room, living room, or just about any room in your home.

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