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apk add busybox-static apk-tools-static To begin, you need to update your Use statically linked version of apk to update content of repository: apk.static update Simulating upgrade is recommended in order to detect issues beforehand: apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade --available --simulate With no problems encountered or after resolving them, start proper upgrade: apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade --available When Alpine Linux is installed to hard drive, upgrading to a newer stable version is straightforward.

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Moreover, updating system kernel will ease us to take advantage of new kernel fuctions and also it helps us to protect ourselves from vulnerabilities that have been found in earlier versions.

Suggested Read: How to Upgrade Kernel in Cent OS 7 Ready to update your kernel on Ubuntu 16.04 or one of their derivatives such as Debian and Linux Mint? To find the current version of installed kernel on our system we can do: $ wget wget wget that’s it.

There is yet another procedure which we haven’t showed here as it requires compiling the kernel from source, which is not recommended on production Linux systems.

If you’re still interested in compiling the kernel as a learning experience, you will get the instructions on how to do it at the Kernel Newbies page.

That’s because Linux Mint 18.1, like Linux Mint 18, is based on Ubuntu 16.04, a Long Term Support (LTS) edition of Ubuntu that’s running on the Linux kernel 4.4 series.

Most newer editions of Linux distributions, like Ubuntu 16.10, are running the Linux kernel 4.8 series. The first tab will show a list of the Linux kernel 4.4 versions available on the system.Very often, updating a kernel also fixes many issues, brings stability improvements, and updates the drivers.If you’re running a Ubuntu-based Linux distro, you’re in for a treat.Statically linked version of apk-tools is needed, otherwise it will stop working after libc upgrade (possibly in the middle of upgrade).Static version of busybox can be handy in case of the recovery from a failure.Short Bytes: Looking for an easy to install or upgrade Linux kernel in Ubuntu or Mint distributions?

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