Updating a house to 100 amps

I think this needs to be 12" from the ground, and needs to be ran in conduit if it isn't already.

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Circuit breakers are designed to trip when too much current passes through for too long a period of time. A typical 60 amp fuse box might have one 240 volt circuit for an air conditioner or electric range, plus four more fuses for the rest of the wiring in the home.

Circuit breakers can be reset after they trip, which is a huge advantage over fuses, but they don’t add any level of safety. Compared to the minimum number of circuits required today, this is totally insufficient.

Upgrading your electrical wiring is a big job because the wires are located inside of walls, where they are difficult to get at without opening up walls.

The price for a whole-house rewiring job—including opening up walls, running new wires, connecting switches, outlets and fixtures, and then repairing the mess—is $3,500 to $8,000 for an average-sized home.

After searching websites such as Craigslist Long Island & Angies List we spoke to a few of our neighbors at a local event who had all used the same company thru word of mouth.

Daly Brothers upgraded our panel with permit for 00.00.

The cost of upgrading your existing electrical service panel to a 100- or 200-amp panel is 0 to ,000.

To handle increased electrical loads, it’s likely you’ll also need to upgrade electrical wiring, especially if your house is more than 40 years old.

(older home...built in 1945) I'd like to be informed before I have an electrician take a look and tell me things that I have no idea whether he (or she) is just yanking my chain to make more money.

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