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He asserted that Classics' efforts to survive in the current intellectual climate, wherein students and scholars alike seem obsessed with the present, may be paradigmatic for "the survival of historical study itself" (66).

While we believe that Damrosch's statistics and his prognostications are gloomier than the actual situation warrants, we recognize that the discipline faces serious challenges, particularly with regard to the study of classical languages in small undergraduate programs.

Much to his surprise, Darnell discovers that people pay attention to the words he writes.

Before he knows it, Darnell changes from a kid who can’t do anything right to a person who can make a difference.

In academic life, it was still (just about) possible to finance an undergraduate degree on the basis of government grants.

A typical "home computer" cost about 1,500 pounds in the UK, had an Intel 80286 processor and up to 640 Kb of memory, with maybe up to 50 Mb of storage on its internal hard disk, and probably ran some version of Microsoft's ubiquitous MS-DOS, unless of course it was a Macintosh.In 1987, there was no such thing as the World Wide Web, and construction of the tunnel beneath the English Channel had only just begun.A major political power called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics still existed, while in the UK, Margaret Thatcher's government had just been reelected for a third time, and in the US the Senate rejected for the first (and so far only) time a presidential nomination to the Supreme Court.DARNELL ROCK IS not the kind of kid who volunteers to write for the newspaper—it sounds too much like homework.But this is Darnell’s last chance to pull himself together and make a positive contribution to his school.Some classicists are meeting these challenges with great creativity.

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