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We report the results of an exhaustive search conducted to find 142Nd anomalies in the rocks associated with the Deccan and Iceland plumes.


However, I have heard there are many errors, especially for those of us not in USA where placenames etc are changed to their equivalent in the States, so I shall keep a lookout particularly for those.

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The Holy Cross attracted many pilgrims and the Abbey became a popular place for overnight stays for kings and other notables hunting in Waltham Forest.

Henry VIII was a frequent visitor and is said to have had a house or lodge at Romeland, adjacent to the abbey.

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No measurable 142Nd anomalies were found in Deccan picrites and basalts despite earlier indications to the contrary.

Primitive Icelandic ankaramites and basalts with primordial He and Ne isotopic signatures, and ultrabasic Deccan rocks (carbonatite/nephelinite) also do not show any anomalies.

The present-day church consists of the nave of the Norman abbey church, the 14th-century lady chapel and west wall, and a 16th-century west tower, added after the dissolution.

A long eastern chapel may have housed the Holy Cross.

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