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And so it was the grand finale of Anthony Trollope's Doctor Thorne, as adapted for the small screen by Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes. But not without a little [period] drama along the way.

(With a few little surprises along the way.) And so, to reiterate for the final time: no, we haven't read the book, which means this critique is based soley on what we saw on ITV. It all ended well, as we knew it would; Mary Thorne and Frank Gresham got engaged last week, so we had an inkling they might – just might – marry this week.

If that story didn’t sound dubious enough, the premiere’s twist ending seals the deal: Jason Blossom’s body was discovered with a gunshot straight to the forehead. Clearly, that’s what we’re in Riverdale to find out. First, there’s Cheryl, whose lie makes her look suspicious.

There’s also Betty Cooper’s mother, who expresses her contempt for the boy who broke her daughter’s heart multiple times throughout the tube has links to a huge amount of porn tube videos that you can watch for free.It doesn't matter if you're looking for pornstars, amateurs, lesbians or mature women, grannies, tranny or shemale performers, milfs, babes with big tits or small boobs, blondes, brunettes or any other porn niche that you like. The 100% free that we offer, are all categorized into sexual actions, fetishes, nationality, breast size, cock size, skin color, whatever.When Jason leaned over to pick it up, the boat flipped.Jason panicked and drowned—despite being captain of Riverdale High’s water polo team.And yes there was that, but we were robbed of a large part of it. When Countess De Courcy (played brilliantly by Phoebe Nicolls) and Lady Gresham (likewise, by Rebecca Front) paid Mary Thorne (Stefani Martini) a visit and told her not to marry leading man, Frank Gresham (Harry Richardson), we had imagined there would be a tearful, heartfelt subsequent scene between the lovers...

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