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With the use of this feature, I am now able to save a lot of time when updating my Tumblr page plus I get more done in a day.If you want this to happen to you as well, then allow me to share with you just how you can queue your posts on Tumblr so you won’t have to keep on manually logging in each time you post.But before I end this article, allow me to go a step further by teaching you how to customize the scheduling of your queued post. If you use Tumblr’s queue feature, you should be able to save time and increase your efficiency in updating your Tumblr profile.

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This saves you a lot of time since you’ll only post once and be done with a whole week or month’s worth of post.

That’s basically all that you need to do to put your post in the queue.

It's free to sign up for a Tumblr account at or even through one of the free mobile apps.

Queuing Posts on Tumblr Tumblr Tips and Tricks Community Q&A Tumblr has a publishing option of staggered posts via the queue.

And edit right in your page with no coding or programming required.

Your site represents you, your brand, or your company. Just open the POWr Editor to begin customizing almost any aspect of the web app.Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. So, maybe you've heard of Tumblr, and you're interested in getting in on the action.POWr Tumblr Feed plugin is simple to edit, directly inside of your live website. Don't let your site or business lose out on the growing number of mobile consumers and visitors. It is designed to function of phones, tablets, and any other mobile device.The intuitive POWr Editor allows you to add content and customize style without ever leaving your website. So you can worry less about how people are searching your site, and more about what they'll find. Which means you can customize your plugin and access your data from anywhere you'd like.The queue is great if you're on Tumblr pretty infrequently or if you'll be away from your computer for an extended period of time, but it can be tricky to use.

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