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I went out to dinner at a decent local restaurant last night with my girlfriend, and sitting at the table next to us was a familiar looking red haired guy messing around on a Mac book laptop.At first I thought "I know that guy from some where", then I did a double take and thought "holy shit, is that Tyler Durden from RSD".I'm expected to be the guy who steps up to the plate.

I've been doing this job since I was 22 years old, basically my entire adult life.

It's an intense, high pressure, and also a very rewarding line of work.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of this product is that each instructors reveals in details how much effort and time he has invested to "get good" - this helps viewers to understand that there is no "magic pill" and that it is a journey, but the journey itself can be fun, as illustrated by all the wicked stories.

FROM TYLER: First up, yes this is the "real" Tyler...

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Anything on this site that says "From Tyler" on it is really from yours truly.

I don't allow my name to be used for anything unless Im the guy who wrote it, so if it says it's from me then it's from me.

The best content in the program comes from Ozzie, Jeffy and Timothy Marc.

If you are interested in any of these instructors in particular it is a great product to learn more about them.

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