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We asked 18 singles for their take on playing the dating game in Canada’s largest city.

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Why Try It: Because now you can quickly find the Toronto singles who you somehow “get” -- based on nothing more than their pictures.

Available For: i Phone and Android What It Is: “Like Tinder, with personality,” quipped one reviewer of this dating app.

But here’s the twist: after 24 hours, all your messages and pictures self-destruct. Available For: i Phone and Android What It Is: It’s a kinda clever idea, really.

Some of them catch your eye, so you start sending each other messages and pics.

The miniature condo cities sprouting up in Toronto’s core, for example, would be a good start for amenity-craving, high-octane socializing, young urban professionals.

According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, single women in the U. are purchasing homes at more than double the rate of single men, but — like the premise behind “ladies free” nightclubs — where the women go, men are sure to follow.That said, there’s certainly no shortage of singles in Toronto.In fact, a whopping 43.7% of residents over 15 claimed to be single on the most recent census For Canadian men and women actively looking for a long-term partner, the answer to these Toronto dating woes may well lie online, with matchmaking platforms like Elite Singles.With Teased, you aren’t picking people you like based just on their looks. Then you’ll decide if you want to meet up with this person.Instead, here’s how this will go down: you’ll see an image on your phone. Why Try It: Tired of going out with hot singles you found on Tinder who don’t really click with you?Our members are looking for something real - we're here to help them find it!

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